Dinosaurs Spring to Life at TELUS World of Science: An Immersive Mesozoic Era Experience

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Dinosaurs Roam Again at TELUS World of Science Exhibition

The TELUS World of Science is gearing up to enthral visitors with its upcoming extravaganza, ‘Dinosaurs: The Exhibition’, commencing on March 23 of this spring season. The exhibition, spread across a massive 10,000 square feet, pledges a temporal voyage to the Mesozoic Era, enabling guests to experience the lively animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaur skeleton casts up close, according to our sources.

Enhancing Educational and Entertainment Value

President and CEO, Constance Scarlett highlights not just the event’s entertainment but also its educational nature. Scarlett emphasizes that the exhibition doesn’t only serve as a historical showcase but also as an engaging and interactive science program suitable for all age groups.

Exhibits and Activities

  • The awe-inspiring 65-foot long Diplodocus skeleton cast
  • The fascinating Edmontosaurus skull cast
  • A variety of hands-on activities like a simulation of a real paleontologist dig

In addition to this, the opening weekend promises even more great attractions. A game titled ‘Can You Spot The Fake’ would test the dinosaur knowledge of the attendees while designated dig sites offer a fun-filled archaeology experience for children.

Interaction with Actual Paleontology Students

The event also arranges for interactions with paleontology students from the University of Alberta, who will share their field experiences, insights and tools with visitors. This serves as an ideal opportunity for anyone seeking more knowledge on the field.

IMAX 3D Presentation ‘Dinosaurs of Antarctica’

For guests yearning to dive deeper into the realm of dinosaurs, they have the option of further enhancing their experience through the IMAX 3D presentation of ‘Dinosaurs of Antarctica’. However, please note that this experience will be available at an extra charge.

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