Canadian Cattle Numbers Hit 34-Year Low Amid Drought Crisis, Impacting Farmers Nationwide

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Unprecedented Decline in Canadian Cattle Numbers Amidst Severe Drought Conditions

The Canadian cattle population has dramatically plummeted to a new low, last seen in 1989. This significant decrease is chiefly attributed to prolonged drought situations severely affecting small family-run farms across the nation, according to our sources.

Cattle Farmers Facing Feed Shortages Due to Drought Conditions

One such farmer, Charlotte Wasylik hailing from Alberta, made the challenging decision to part with over a quarter of her cattle. She took this step to alleviate the risks associated with the expected shortage in feed supplies during the summer months. This move represents a widespread trend among farmers, who are acting preemptively to lessen their herds due to the scarcity of home-grown feed and the steep prices associated with purchasing additional feed.

High Prices and Decreased Supply in Cattle Markets

The drought situation has not only complicated the sustenance of cattle, but it has also resulted in a significant hike in the price of the remaining cattle. This is primarily due to a decrease in supply. Certain farmers like Ben Martens Bartel from Saskatchewan are making attempts to cautiously rebuild their herds, in the face of the high cost of breeding heifers.

  • The added difficulty comes from numerous farmers contemplating or having already transitioned to grain farming. This type of agriculture has shown to be more lucrative over the previous decades.
  • Drought conditions are persistent and have led to a downfall of 2.1 percent in the national cattle herd, compared to the preceding year. The province of Alberta has experienced the hardest blow in this context.

The Pressure on Cattle Farmers

The shortage in the availability of home-grown feed, the uphill costs, and the unpredictability surrounding profits from beef production are imposing a substantial burden on cattle farmers. This pressure could potentially trigger further drops in cattle numbers and further hikes in beef prices.


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