Glassdoor Under Fire for Attaching Real Names to Anonymous Profiles Without Consent

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Unapproved Personal Info Added on Glassdoor Profiles, Users Report

Reports have emerged from users of The Reader Wall’s verified users of Glassdoor, an anonymous review platform for companies, regarding the unauthorized addition of their personal information to their profiles. Such news came from a user named Monica and further inquiries were made to substantiate her claim.

Unauthorized Profile Conversion

According to Monica, despite her persistent objection, personal data was included in her profile after she corresponded with the website’s customer service team. Unbeknownst to her, her complete name as stated in the ‘from’ line of her email was used publicly in her profile alongside her residing city, a clear disregard of her privacy rights.

Glassdoor’s Stand

Glassdoor, in defense, claimed that this step was crucial, while ensuring it did not compromise the anonymity of previous reviews made by Monica or any other user. Monica’s incident, however, led her and potentially others, to question the platform’s assurance of user anonymity, particularly in light of potential threats like hacking or legal demands for user data.

Potential Privacy Risks

  1. Anonymity Compromised: By adding personal information without consent, Glassdoor could violate user trust, affecting its platform’s primary selling point – anonymity.
  2. Litigation Risks: Users could potentially be exposed to legal risks if their identity gets associated with their reviews. These risks heighten with the company in review having litigious tendencies.
  3. Data security: There are increased chances of identity theft and data misuse, especially by hackers, with the unauthorized display of personal info.

While Glassdoor maintains its stance, user confidence could potentially be shaken. It remains to be seen how this tension between user expectations and the platform’s policies will resolve.


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