Celebrate Celtic Heritage: Museum of Surrey Hosts Annual Fest March 23

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Celebrate Celtic Culture at Museum of Surrey’s Annual Celtic Fest

The Museum of Surrey is primed to hold its revered annual Celtic Fest. The event, which has been a staple of the community for over a decade, garnered huge interest among numerous people every year. This year, the festivity is scheduled to take place on March 23rd, the Saturday following the globally celebrated St. Paddy’s Day.

Celtic Fest: A Tradition Rooted in Culture and Heritage

Organized to pay a warm tribute to Celtic history and culture, the Celtic Fest symbolizes a grand celebration of the rich and diverse Celtic traditions. The museum’s manager, Lynn Saffery, couldn’t conceal her joy as she discussed the upcoming event, manifesting how the event would function as a platform to promote and highlight Celtic culture through a mixture of performances and colorful crafts.

Highlight Attractions

The most distinctive fact about Celtic Fest is its free-of-charge nature, which adds to the exhilaration of attendees. Festival-goers can look forward to an array of activities including vibrant live music from local artists, stalls run by partnering community organizations, and a plethora of captivating live performances. A must-see presentation to watch on this occasion is the classic performance by the Heather Jolley Highland Dancers and the enchanting melodies produced by Harpist Rebecca Blair.

Apart from the music and dance, event-goers are also invited to participate in a fun-filled scavenger hunt and indulge in creative arts and crafts. This ensures there’s something for everyone, making it a thoroughly enjoyable outing for people of all ages.

Nostalgia Corner

Highlighting the local Irish history, the dedicated Surrey Archives team is set to participate in this year’s event as well. They will be presenting a variety of documents, photos, and maps that throw light on the early Irish settlers in Surrey. This historical expedition will be accentuated with the captivating recollection of oral histories related to these families.

Explore Other Museum Attractions

While the Celtic Fest promises to be a major attraction of the day, visitors can also explore other equally intriguing exhibits within the museum. These include the captivating Lego exhibit titled ‘Everything is Still Awesome,’ the ‘Bi-Giwen: Coming Home’ exhibition housed in the Indigenous Hall, and ‘Lahore to London’ situated in the Community Treasures Exhibit area.

Purpose of the Event

The primary aim of this engaging, interactive event is to celebrate and raise awareness about the profound cultural depth of Celtic traditions. It provides a perfect platform to both entertain and educate the public, making them cognize the importance of this connatural culture to the local community.

In conclusion, if you’re an ardent admirer of unique cultural traditions, the Celtic Fest promises to be an event that you should not miss. It’s not just an opportunity to delve into Celtic heritage, but its enchanting fusion of entertainment and enlightenment guarantees a great day out!

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