UNAMA Calls for Girls’ School Reopening as Afghanistan Marks Over 900 Days of Education Ban

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Massive Environmental Challenges in Afghanistan Over the Past Decade and a Half

As relayed by our correspondents, Afghanistan has had to grapple with severe environmental and social issues in recent years. According to data made available, there has been a disheartening 34% loss of the country’s forests. This drastic change in the environment can primarily be attributed to the constant state of warfare and crisis the country has found itself in.

The Plight of Afghan Forests

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization has flagged the negative effects that continuous conflict has had on the forested and woodland areas in Afghanistan. The remaining area, as outlined by the data, is approximately 1.78 million hectares.

Steps Towards Forest Conservation

Recognizing the need for immediate mitigation, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has taken a step towards preserving these endangered forests. It has mobilized a ‘Green Unit’, consisting of 450 members, with the express purpose of combating illegal logging and contraband wood trafficking.

Educational Rights of Women and Girls Amidst Governance Challenges

In addition to the environmental crisis, our sources also report on a pressing issue concerning the education of girls. It has been over 900 days since female educational establishments closed their doors. This issue arose with the start of the academic year when it became clear that girls were excluded from the education sector. This exclusion has attracted severe criticism from various international organizations.

Call for Reopening Girls Education Institutions

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has openly urged the IEA to resume girls’ education by reopening schools and universities. This call to action is a reflection of the broad set of challenges that Afghanistan is currently facing in terms of governance, environmental preservation, and human rights, particularly those of women and girls.

International Outcry and Support

Our report further notes that this unfortunate development in Afghanistan’s education sector has become a point of concern for global entities. Both the US State Department and US Special Representative for Women and Human Rights in Afghanistan have raised objections against the denial of education rights to girls. It demonstrates the critical need for Afghanistan to work on multiple fronts to ensure a balanced growth addressing environmental and human rights aspects equally.


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