Afghan Education New Year Begins Without Female Students: A Push for Modern Sciences

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Afghanistan Welcomes New Academic Year Notwithstanding Absent Female Students

Traditionally marking the beginning of the solar year 1403, the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan inaugurated this novel academic year. However, the event, unlike in the past, was devoid of the presence of female students. The acting Minister of Education, Sayed Habibullah Agha, spoke at length about the significant cultural, religious, and contemporary scholastic prospects for the nation’s advancement but avoided the concern of girls’ scholarly activities.

No Mention of Girls’ Education and Accommodations

No reference was made to the concept of the educational demands of girls or the possibility of reopening schools for them. Agha emphasised that in order to guard against dangers on the earthly or spiritual plane, it is pivotal to offer education of impeccable quality.

Message from the Deputy Prime Minister

Adding to the dialogue, the Islamic Emirate’s deputy prime minister for administrative affairs, Abdul Salam Hanafi, underlined the place of education as the foundational stone to the country’s self-reliance. He also pointed out tremendous strides taken to extend academic openings to remote locations, with an impressive 1.2 million new admissions last year.

Educational Advancements and Achievements

Expounding on the theme of education, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, the acting Head of the National Examination Authority, commented on the pressing need to bolster modern scientific learnings to protect the established system and to forefend a third occupation. In spite of the remarkable lack of female students, some male attendees projected a positive outlook, hoping for the soon reopening of girls’ schools and championing the right of education for all.

Schools’ Development Last Year

Providing notable insight about developments in the previous year, the Ministry of Education detailed the establishment of over 90 schools, among which were 12 formal and over 5,000 village schools. Noteworthy is also the reclamation of more than 55,000 acres of land specifically geared for educational purposes. Unfortunately, the solar year 1402 concluded without addressing the problematic absence of female students in the academic landscape of Afghanistan.


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