Home Depot Cranbrook Raises $15,410 for Ktunaxa Nation’s Operation Street Angel in Fight Against Youth Homelessness

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Home Depot’s Charitable Endeavor Benefits Ktunaxa Nation Council

Fundraising Campaign Targets Youth Homelessness

On the 6th of March, Home Depot, located in Cranbrook, proudly presented a generous donation totaling $15,410. The recipient of this contribution was the Ktunaxa Nation Council on behalf of Operation Street Angel. This is all a part of the Orange Door Campaign, a drive set in motion with the objective of eradicating youth homelessness within Canada. This initiative was developed by Home Depot with our news source providing exclusive coverage of this event.

Cranbrook Community Lends Its Support

The significant funds raised were not amassed by the conglomerate alone. The community of Cranbrook, displaying a shared sense of responsibility, mobilized to support the cause. Their noteworthy participation led to a significant increase in the collected amount, an action that Home Depot Canada generously matched to double the pledge made towards combating youth homelessness.

Continued Commitment to Community Efforts

The Orange Door Campaign is held bi-annually to bring together local resources and raise awareness around issues of youth homelessness. The campaign has received immense support from the Cranbrook community. The organizers and our source anticipate that future iterations of the campaign will witness increased community involvement and hence, greater impact.

The Ceremonial Handover of the Donation

This altruistic event witnessed the attendance of representatives from Home Depot and Operation Street Angel. The delegation included prominent members including Jaishree Jain, Sonali Sharma, Dana Meester, Tammy Pocha, Mary Green, and Lori Bolduik, who were present during the check presentation ceremony, further solidifying the commitment to this noble cause.

The Impact of the Orange Door Campaign

  • Engages the community in addressing youth homelessness actively
  • Raises substantial funds through community involvement and corporate matching
  • Provides financial support to organizations such as the Ktunaxa Nation Council for furthering their outreach programs
  • Garnering national attention, it encourages similar movements across Canada motivates other corporations to undertake social responsibility initiatives

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