Durham Police to Unveil New Details on 2022 Bowmanville Double Homicide of Couple

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Latest Progress on the Bowmanville Double Homicide Case

As first-hand sources have informed our team at The Reader Wall, there has been a significant update in the investigation into the shocking double homicide that occurred in Bowmanville, on February 4, 2022. The victims, Aram Kamel, 28, and his pregnant wife, Rafad Alzubaidy, 26, were discovered at their residence following a welfare check by the Durham Regional Police.

Victims Found During Welfare Check

The tragic events that unfolded at the quiet Crombie Street residence of the young couple have shocked the local community. The Durham Regional Police, who were initially performing a routine wellness check, discovered the grim scene. The couple tragically died from gunshot wounds, and the authorities declared them dead at the scene.

Case Initially Labelled as an ‘Isolated Incident’

Following the discovery, the police termed the tragic incident as an ‘isolated event’. However, at the time, there was very little information provided about potential suspects. It left the public and the victims’ families in contemplation due to the scarcity of details about the tragic incident.

Major Turn in the Investigation

The twist in the investigation came when our sources informed us of an upcoming press conference. Det.-Sgt. Brad Corner of the Major Crime Unit has announced this conference, indicating a significant development in the grim case. The briefing is slated to take place at the East Division of the police service on Friday morning.

Community Awaiting Further Insights

The local community, still reeling from the shock of the horrific incident, is eagerly waiting for the upcoming press conference. The exhaustive investigation has kept the public on tenterhooks, and everyone hopes this briefing will provide more clarity.

Additional Tragedy of Rafad Alzubaidy’s Pregnancy

Adding to the profound grief surrounding the case is the fact that Rafad Alzubaidy was pregnant at the time of her tragic demise. This distressing news emphasizes the immense loss caused by this horrific tragedy.


  • All eyes are now turned toward the upcoming press conference slated for Friday morning, where everyone is hoping for detailed information about this tragical incident.
  • The local community and the victims’ families are awaiting more insight into the case.
  • The additional sad news of Rafad Alzubaidy’s pregnancy at the time further emphasizes the tragedy’s profound impact.
  • The Reader Wall continues to closely follow the developments in this case and will provide updates as they become available, bringing you the most accurate and comprehensive news coverage.

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