Shoppers Drug Mart Accused of Pressuring Pharmacists to Meet ‘Unethical’ Service Targets

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The Reader Wall News Exclusive: Revealing Shoppers Drug Mart Practices

Reports Allege Shoppers Drug Mart Sets Medication Review Targets

From our investigations, over a dozen present and past associate owners and pharmacists at Shoppers Drug Mart have brought to light that the chain implements targets for medication reviews. This is in contrast to statements from Jeff Leger, the company’s president, who has denied any such practices.

Internal Communications Indicate Targets

Our source shared internal communications, which include emails from management expressing dissatisfaction on falling short of set targets. These emails also hint at a push to increase the number of medication reviews, suggesting a gap between what the company says and how it actually operates.

MedsCheck Program in Spotlight

The medication reviews in question are part of the Ontario’s MedsCheck program. This program, which can be billed to the government, has garnered considerable attention, especially post-pandemic as the demand for COVID-19 related services has seen a decline.

Disparity Between Claimed Autonomy and Actual Practise

Contrary to the firm’s statement that pharmacists maintain control over the necessity of these reviews, various associate owners reported feeling a lack of agency in deciding the targets which are set by management.

Shoppers Drug Mart’s Response

In the face of these allegations, Shoppers Drug Mart continues to uphold its position that it backs pharmacists and associate owners in providing essential services. A company spokesperson stated that the company is making moves to respond to feedback from pharmacists, including strengthening the enforcement of mandatory training.


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