A United Front: Saskatchewan’s Bold Move Towards Universal Workplace Violence Prevention

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Saskatchewan Employment Act Gets a Noteworthy Update in 2022

Recently, our sources reported that a consequential change has been enacted in the Saskatchewan Employment (Part III) Amendment Act, 2022. This change, which came into effect on May 17, 2023, stipulates that all employers in Saskatchewan are now required to set up a violence policy as well as a prevention plan. To ensure every workplace in Saskatchewan is aligned with this new rule, all workplaces will need to have these requirements in place by May 17, 2024.

New Expansion on the Existing Legislation

The latest legislative modification is wider than the previous one, which only mandated workplaces where situations of violence had happened or had a high probability of happening. The aim of this expansion is to enhance violence prevention in all workplaces. Consequently, definite responsibilities are now assigned to employers, supervisors, and workers – which also includes volunteers, contractors, and students.

New Responsibilities for Employers

In line with the legal amendment, employers are now mandated to provide training to their employees on workplace violence. In addition, all incidents of workplace violence must be subjected to a thorough investigation. Details of the specific requirements for these policies and plans can be found in The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 2020.

Guidance Available for Workplace Safety Compliancy

For employers who might be struggling with the development or update of their workplace violence policies and prevention plans, it’s a relief to know they don’t have to do this alone. Help is available from the MLT Aikins Labour & Employment group. This group offers their services to assist employers in becoming compliant with these new requirements, ensuring the safety of every workplace.


The recent changes to the Saskatchewan Employment Act significantly show the government’s commitment to promoting safer workplaces across the province. With new assignments of responsibilities, violence prevention is expected to be better across all workplaces. Undoubtedly, the development and implementation of proper violence policies and prevention plans will certainly contribute to creating a safer and more efficient work environment that every worker deserves.


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