Steven Harrington’s ‘Stay Mello’ Exhibition Opens at APMA, Featuring Iconic Sculpture and Site-Specific Works

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Steven Harrington’s First Museum Exhibition ‘Stay Mello’ at APMA Seoul

‘Stay Mello’: Steven Harrington’s Premiere Museums Showcase at APMA Seoul

The Amorepacific Museum of Art (APMA) in Seoul will play host to the debut museum exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist and designer : Steven Harrington. This exhibition, entitled ‘Stay Mello,’ will bring to the fore Harrington’s distinct style, characterized by his unique mix of vibrant colours, whimsical characters, and interpretative themes.

Exhibition Overview

‘Stay Mello’ will exhibit an impressive variety of Harrington’s works which were created over a span of more than 15 years. Art enthusiasts will get the chance to explore an extensive range of the artist’s repertoire, including sculptures, print paintings, and videos. According to our sources, a prime attraction that takes center stage in the exhibition is a colossal sculpture of Harrington’s canine alter ego, Mello.

Creative Vision

Beyond the exciting, colorful exterior of Harrington’s art is a deeper exploration of themes of personal anxiety and the therapeutic nature of art. Although his works often give off a carefree, cheerful vibe, Harrington seeks to draw attention to the important aspects of staying present, adding layers of meaning to his artistic depictions.

Art Meets Architecture at ‘Stay Mello’

One aspect that makes the ‘Stay Mello’ exhibition a first of its kind is how the artwork corresponds with the surrounding architectural elements. This connection is evident in the integration of the Mello sculpture, specifically designed to complement the museum’s architectural features. The museum’s architecture, crafted by the acclaimed architect David Chipperfield, seamlessly blends with the exhibition layout, creating a unique and immersive art experience for visitors.

Blending Art with Commercial Ventures

  • Harrington’s vibrant, character-driven art style has also found a home in commercial collaborations. His past partnerships have seen his work feature in some global brands’ campaigns.
  • Nike and the Japanese fashion giant BAPE are among the notable brands that have partnered with Harrington in the past to create unique, compelling visuals for their products.

Art lovers are eagerly looking forward to the ‘Stay Mello’ exhibition, anticipating the joyous world of colors, characters, and deeper meanings that Harrington’s work uniquely offers. Through his art, Harrington invites us to reflect not only on the individual characters he paints, but also on the wider relationship between art and the world around us.


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