Seoul Living Design Fair 2024: Coway’s Compact Massage Chairs Redefine Home Comfort

South Korea
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Home Comfort on Spotlight at Seoul Living Design Fair

Highlights from the Seoul Living Design Fair

The Living Design Fair in Seoul, as reported by our source, put a spotlight on the growing trend towards maintaining comfort and stress relief within home confines in its recent event. The event, which spanned over five days at the renowned convention centre, Coex, in southern Seoul, captivated attendees with innovative designs that catered to their comfort and relaxation needs.

Coway’s Innovative Transition

One exhibitor that stole the limelight was Coway, traditionally acclaimed for its high-quality water purifiers. Coway presented a different take on comfort – therapeutic massage chairs. These chairs are meticulously developed to seamlessly blend with every type of home decor. One such standout innovation was the Berex Pebble Chair, a massage chair that couples aesthetic beauty with functionality.

The Berex Pebble Chair: Consolidating Style and Functionality

The Berex Pebble Chair does not demand an enormous space to fit into a home, making it a perfect decor piece. Echoing its benefits, Shin Hyun-soo, an office employee residing in Seoul, lauded the quick stress-releasing massage afte a day’s work. What added to his appreciation was the chair’s design, which did not disturb the visual harmony of his living area at all.

Coway’s Bet on Home Wellness Products Paying Off

By investing in stylish yet functional home wellness products, Coway has adopted an advanced approach to its offerings. This includes not just massage chairs but also an assorted array of wellness products such as beds and mattresses. The testament to the success of such strategic shift is the company’s record fracture revenue of 3.9 trillion won ($2.9 billion) garnered in the previous year. This success story further highlights the escalating need of individuals to create a comfortable and stress-relieving environment within their living spaces.


As observed at the Seoul Living Design Fair, the shift towards creating comfortable and stress-relieving home environments is gaining momentum. It will be interesting to see how this trend influences the future of home design and wellness products. From our source, it is evident the market is responding positively, with companies like Coway leading the charge, focussing on creating products that don’t compromise either on function or aesthetics.

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