Cort Guitars Reveals Space 5 Bass: Blending Vintage Vibe with Modern Muscle

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Cort® Unveils the Space 5: A Fresh Twist on a Classic Bass Design

Our reliable source unveils Cort® Guitars’ newest addition to their stellar line-up, the Space 5 bass model. The Space 5 is a formidable model that masterfully marries the lessons of the past with an audacious view of the future.

A Spark from the Past to Fuel the Future

The Space model lineage, which has been flaming the torch for the headless fretted instrument trend since the 1980s, has brought forth another dynamic innovation. The Space 5 fortifies this enduring legacy with a combination of familiar design elements plus a smattering of new contemporary enhancements.

Architectural Excellence and Superlative Sound

The elegantly crafted Space 5 boasts a compact yet robust core design. Its lightweight, solid maple body is overlaid with a 6 mm solid poplar burl top. This burl top is not just for aesthetics as it enhances the instrument’s vibrational qualities and sustain, thanks to its 40mm thickness. The musical weapon also sports a 7-piece neck that combines roasted maple, walnut, and purpleheart. This multi-wood neck design adds a unique mid-range tone that effortlessly complements the bass quality of the solid body.

Advanced Hardware meets Standout Design

Equipped with numerous new-age enhancements, the Space 5 steps into the present. The bass guitar harnesses the power of Bartolini® MK-1 pickups coupled with an active 3-band EQ preamp and D’Addario® EXL170-5SL strings. Notably, the Space 5 model also includes a zero fret, assisting players with easy string gauge change. This element confirms the model’s commitment to providing user-friendly features.

Borrowing design inspiration from the revered Artisan Bass Series, the Space 5 guarantees a comfortable user experience with a slim neck profile. It also sports a roasted hard maple fretboard, sustaining its promise of a streamlined playing experience. The meticulous crafting does not end at playability; the model scores high on the aesthetic index as well, qualifying as ultra-stylish with its clean, modern lines.

The Ultimate Tool for Musicians

The Space 5 isn’t just about top-notch design and novelty, but also prides itself on its versatility. This new model is fitting for the evolving, discerning musician of today who requires a reliable and adaptable instrument that can handle a wide gamut of music styles and shades. With this in their arsenal, musicians can confidently explore various genres and strike the perfect note every time.

The introduction of the Space 5 model by Cort® Guitars is a notch higher in the constant evolution of musical instruments. Skillfully blending tradition with innovation, it is poised to reset industry benchmarks and influence future design trends in the music world.