Kim Do Hoon Joins Han Ji Min, Lee Joon Hyuk in ‘Acquaintances’: A New Romantic Drama Saga

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Kim Do Hoon Secures Role in Forthcoming Drama ‘Acquaintances’

News reports from our trusted sources inform us that Kim Do Hoon, celebrated for his distinguished talent and works, will be dazzling audiences in SEM Company’s upcoming drama, ‘Acquaintances’. This announcement, packed with sheer excitement, was made public on March 5.

‘Acquaintances’: A Romantic Drama with a Unique Blend of Characters

The forthcoming drama ‘Acquaintances’ has an intriguing mix of characters. Kim Do Hoon will be sharing screen space with the versatile Han Ji Min and the talented Lee Joon Hyuk. Han Ji Min essays the role of Kang Ji Yoon, a powerhouse as a CEO but lacking in interpersonal skills. Lee Joon Hyuk, on the other hand, will perform the character of Yoo Eun Ho – a proficient secretary who is equally adept at domestic tasks as he is at office work.

Adding to this eclectic mix is the character of Kim Do Hoon – Woo Jung Hoon, a young heir dealing with personal problems and conflicted emotions towards his father.

Kim Do Hoon: An Acclaimed Actor with Previous Wins

Actor Kim Do Hoon certainly isn’t a newcomer to the acting scene. His commendable role in ‘Moving’ has already won him much praise. To add to his accolades, the coveted Best New Actor award at the 2023 SBS Drama Awards belongs to him for his performance in ‘The Escape of the Seven’. His selection for ‘Acquaintances’ sets the stage for another promising delivery.

Anticipation Builds for ‘Acquaintances’

  • The combined talent of Kim Do Hoon, Han Ji Min, and Lee Joon Hyuk has set the expectations high for ‘Acquaintances’.
  • Kim Do Hoon’s portrayal of Woo Jung Hoon adds a layer of curiosity and enticement to the drama.
  • The drama, under the banner of SEM Company, promises an insightful exploration of interpersonal dynamics in both professional and personal landscapes.
  • Considering Kim Do Hoon’s proven acting prowess in ‘Moving’ and ‘The Escape of the Seven’, fans eagerly await his performance in ‘Acquaintances.’

As we move closer to the release date of ‘Acquaintances’, audiences eagerly look forward to a drama laced with romance and interpersonal complexities, studded with star-studded performances.

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