LE SSERAFIM Unveils ‘EASY’: A Bold Journey Through Vulnerability and Evolution in Seoul

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LE SSERAFIM’s Third Mini-Album ‘Easy’: A Bold and Vulnerable Journey

Our sources reveal an in-depth analysis of LE SSERAFIM’s third mini-album named “Easy”. This collection, communicated through the powerful medium of music, depicts the group’s struggle and vulnerability behind their strong public image. With a unique blend of themes such as jealousy, doubt, and determination, this latest mini-album enables fans to witness the group’s evolution not only in their musical prowess but also thematically.

LE SSERAFIM’s New Sound and Album Reception

LE SSERAFIM’s new album has been woven with a changed sound and fresh energy. Renowned for their outstanding music skills, the group has once again managed to capture the hearts of many, with positive feedback pouring in for their third mini-album. While they still persist with their unique music style, a noticeable shift in their sound is evident in ‘Easy’.

Critical Review – Positive and Negative Feedback

Our exclusive review of the ‘Easy’ album brings forth some critical points. On one hand, specific tracks such as ‘Good Bones’ and ‘We got so much’ have been highlighted and praised for their quality. On the flip side, some reviews express disappointment in the album, citing a lack of defining sound and safe music production.

The title track ‘Easy’ has received a positive response from reviewers. Appreciated for being a trendsetter, this r&b flavoured pop tune is believed to have the potential to grow more in the preferences of listeners. A solid and successful comeback is defined by the strength of the album ‘Easy’, thanks to catching tunes and the Latin pop elements of the song ‘Smart’.

‘Easy’ Mini Album Showcase: A Glimpse of LE SSERAFIM’s Journey

On the 19th, LE SSERAFIM unveiled their third mini-album ‘Easy’ at an event held at the Hwajeong Gymnasium, Korea University in Seoul. This occasion was more than just a showcase of their album, it was a display of their journey so far. The members opened up about the challenges they have faced along their path, including dealing with fame, meeting the expectations of the public, and surviving in a competitive industry.

According to Huh Yunjin, one of the core members, it’s a struggle to balance their public confidence while battling private concerns. However, finding comfort in their music has been a solace for the group. Sakura, another member, reflected on the success of their previous hit, ‘Perfect Night’, and also shared her anticipation for ‘Easy’.

The group admitted that competition is fierce, but instead of allowing it to daunt them, they look to senior artists such as IU and TWICE to learn from. With the release of ‘Easy’, these artists’ fans can look forward to experimental tracks dipping into the Trap genre. This energetic mini-album is not just a display of LE SSERAFIM’s musical talent, but also their ability to communicate their stories through their work, effectively engaging with their audience in the process.


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