Kohima’s Leap into Animation: Korea’s AK Production Eyes Future Naga Talents

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Revitalizing Creative Talent in Nagaland with Korean Animation Training

On December 15 in Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, the final interviews were organized to shortlist contenders for a unique initiative, an animation training program in Korea. These interviews, carried out at the State Library, were conducted under the tutelage of our sources.

Fostering Local Talent in the Animation Industry

The interviews were part of a larger scheme designed to encourage local talent in the animation industry. This initiative was made possible due to the valuable support from AK Production, a well-respected entity from Korea. It was Director Kim from AK Production who steered the interviews, imparting knowledge about the animation industry’s potential and clearly defining the stringent expectations from the interviewees.

The results of these interviews that include the names of the selected candidates will be revealed soon according to reports from our sources.

A Long-Term Vision for Nagaland’s Creative Landscape

A leak into the future ambitions of this program was shared by Director Kim and Khekiye K. Sema, Commissioner & Secretary of the Department of Art & Culture. They issued a joint statement highlighting the commitment required from the prospective candidates. They also noted the animation industry’s prospective growth over the next twenty years.

Director Kim’s vision includes setting up of fully functional animation studios in Nagaland in a span of ten years. He anticipates that these studios will be run by Naga professionals who have been trained through this program.

Bridging the Gap in Music-Related Fields

The selection procedure brought to light the growing need for seasoned professionals in the music industry, specifically in areas like sound engineering and film score composing. To address this gap, another round of interviews has been planned.

A Significant Milestone in Nagaland’s Creative Journey

This initiative signifies a monumental investment in Nagaland’s creative industries, opening doors to a future of animation and music professionals. It is expected to mold the creative landscape of Nagaland, laying the foundation for a new era of advanced animation and music production.


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