Martyn Craddock Convicted for Fare Evasion on Great Western Railway, Fined £220

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Man Fined for Evading Train Fare

According to our source, Martyn Craddock was given a financial penalty and mandated to compensate for his actions, as well as bear additional costs, following him using a Great Western Railway service without a ticket. The incident took place on November 15 the previous year in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, leading Craddock to grapple with legal consequences for his deliberate attempt to avoid payment.

Details of the Court’s Verdict

The court issued its ruling, obliging Craddock to remunerate a fine of £220. On top of this, he is required to pay the amount of £37.80 as recompense, matching the cost of the ticket he evaded. Also, prosecution costs amounting to £180 falls on Craddock’s shoulders.

Aspect of Victim Surcharge

Additional to these burdens, an £88 victim surcharge has been imposed on Craddock. This surcharge serves a specific purpose, it is channeled to finance services that are designed to aid victims of crime.

  • £220: The actual fine set by the court for ticket evasion.
  • £37.80: The compensation equivalent to the cost of the evaded ticket.
  • £180: Criminal prosecution costs that victim needs to cover.
  • £88: Victim surcharge, a monetary support towards those who have suffered from criminal actions.
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