Baroness Ruth Henig CBE, Security Industry Trailblazer, Passes Away Leaving Lasting Legacy

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Baroness Henig, Previous Chair of SIA, Passes Away

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) recently announced the passing of former Chair, Baroness Henig CBE, according to our sources. Baroness Henig, who was notably instrumental in instituting critical changes within the private security sector, sadly passed away. Widespread acknowledgement of her service to the industry are surfacing, reflecting the influence and respect she commanded.

A Legacy of Leadership and Commitment

Leading the SIA from 2007 to 2013, Baroness Henig’s tenure was characterized by her commitment to enhancing public protection and redefining industry standards within the private security realm. She fortified relationships between the regulatory body and industry professionals, earning her much deserved respect and appreciation.

Continued Influence in the Security Industry

Beyond her role at the SIA, Baroness Henig’s influence in the security sector continued. She was recognized for her significant involvement with a special recognition award at the Women in Security Awards in 2023. Her efforts did not go unnoticed and her industry reputation grew as a testament to her tireless dedication and involvement.

An Irreplaceable Loss to the Industry

Baroness Henig will be remembered for her invaluable contribution to the industry. The SIA expressed its sorrowful condolences to Baroness Henig’s family and acknowledged the substantial influence she has had on the industry. Her tenure is marked by relentless pursuit of industry improvements and standards, and her legacy continues to resonate even after her passing.

  • Baroness Henig served as Chair of the SIA from 2007 to 2013
  • She received recognition for her efforts with a special award at the Women in Security Awards in 2023
  • Her legacy includes a marked improvement of regulations and public protection measures within the private security industry

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