Cardiff Park Cannabis Bust: Michael Zewoi’s Suspended Sentence and Rehabilitation Opportunity

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Convicted 23-Year-Old Drug Offender Arrested for Supplying Cannabis in Cardiff

Accusations and Initial Arrest

Our sources have reported on a recent case involving the arrest of a 23-year-old man previously convicted for possession of hard drugs with the intention to distribute. This time, Michael Zewoi was discovered with cannabis in Roath Park, Cardiff, which led to a new court case.

Officers on a standard patrol became suspicious of Zewoi and his companion, primarily due to a lingering cannabis smell and Zewoi’s noticeably anxious demeanor. They proceeded to conduct a search, which unearthed several bags of a green vegetable-like substance as well as a container labelled ‘Sour Candy’.

Evidence of Drug Dealing Activity

Detectives decided to expand their investigation to Zewoi’s living quarters after the initial discovery. There, they found more cannabis along with equipment that strongly hinted at potential drug dealing operations. Though Zewoi has a history of drug-related charges, this arrest was specific to cannabis.

Further solidifying the case against him, an examination of Zewoi’s mobile device revealed text messages clearly outlining deals pertaining to the sale of cannabis. Several messages described the marijuana as ‘top-quality and detailed specific strains that were available for purchase.

Court Proceedings and Verdict

Zewoi, despite his history, confessed to the charges of possessing cannabis with intent to distribute it. His solicitor highlighted his difficult past, emphasizing on his potential to change his ways and become a rehabilitated member of the society.

In the final ruling, Zewoi was handed a 12-month suspended sentence and was ordered to participate in a rehabilitation program. The judge highlighted this as perhaps the last opportunity for him to reform and start anew.


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