Lawton Unites for Safety: New Neighborhood Watch Launches in Country Club Heights

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New Neighborhood Watch Group Coming to Lawton, Oklahoma

According to our reliable sources, the residents of Lawton, Oklahoma, specifically those in the Country Club Heights area, can expect to see the formation of a new neighborhood watch group in their community. The project reflects a joint effort between MIGHT (a local community development organization), the local Lawton Police Department, and Councilwoman for Ward Three, Linda Chapman. The aim is to create safer neighborhoods by nurturing better communication and cooperation amongst the community members.

Building Community Bridges for Safer Neighborhoods

The role of the Lawton Police Department in this initiative, represented by Sergeant Ronald Dimmitt, mostly involves facilitating the creation of stronger ties within the Lawton community. Srgt. Dimmitt emphasized the importance of this move in not just ensuring safety, but also fostering unity and connection amongst the residents. This sentiment was shared across the board, with all parties in consensus over the positive impact of fostering solid community relationships.

Inaugural Meeting for Neighborhood Watch Group Announced

The first meeting for this newly formed neighborhood watch group is scheduled for March 5 at 6 p.m. The venue will be the MIGHT community and development resource center. The intent is to offer an open platform for residents to express their thoughts about the program and to voice any expectations they may harbor. Bernita Taylor, the CEO and the founder of the MIGHT Community Development Center, underlined the significance of such community involvement in the neighborhood watch.

Call for Engagement: Residents Encouraged to Participate

Residents in and around the Country Club Heights area who are interested in partaking in the watch group or who simply wish to learn more about the project are urged to visit the City of Lawton’s official website. All necessary information regarding local neighborhood watch programs can be found there. Councilwoman Chapman reiterated the importance of citizen participation and stressed the need for residents to actively contribute to the neighborhood safety initiative.

In Conclusion

Lawton’s new neighborhood watch group represents a community-wide effort to ensure neighborhood safety and encourage deeper connections among residents. The collaboration between local organizations, the police department, and local government shows a strong commitment to enhancing community life and safety.


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