Windows 11 examines next-gen USB, AI-improved sound, and much more

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Microsoft Introduces Groundbreaking Features in New Windows 11 Update

Microsoft, this Friday, announced the start of evaluations for its latest Windows 11 update. This update is expected to involve highly functional new features such as an 80Gbps USB support, Voice Clarity, and novel sharing and compression capabilities that will now accommodate a wider range of applications. The information on these updates is gleaned from the source of Reader Wall.

Microsoft has labeled the latest Window’s update as Windows 11 Build 26040. This update is funneled through the Canary Channel aimed at testers. Whether this update will be made available to the general public or not is still uncertain. However, Microsoft was forced to backtrack on a “remote capture” capability that was previously released through the Canary and Development Channels. Consequently, this feature has now been integrated into the Snipping Tool app.

Remote Capture now a Part of Snipping Tool

In the updated version, Microsoft has initiated a more integrated and streamlined option for capturing and editing photos taken from a user’s smartphone via a “remote capture” feature. Earlier, Microsoft’s software would register when any photo was taken by the smartphone, Users would then receive an alert about the photo, which could be edited on the PC through the Phone Link app.

Microsoft’s new directive involves making the remote capture feature part of the Snipping Tool app instead. However, to enable this feature, users must first link their Android phones to their PCs and then activate the feature from Windows 11 Settings menu (Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Mobile devices).

Voice Clarity – Reinforced by AI

Voice Clarity is another pivotal feature powered by artificial intelligence (AI). While AI-powered filters are not new and are commonly used in multiple video applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, Voice Clarity is distinct. The feature originally made its debut on the Surface Laptop Studio, combining the Studio’s microphones with AI filtering for audio experiences. Now, Microsoft is planning to extend these filtering models to apps, which can leverage Microsoft Windows’ Communications Signal Processing Mode, including the likes of WhatsApp. This move will essentially enhance the ability of third-party apps on Windows to minimize background noise and highlight the user’s voice during conversations.

USB Support Up to 80Gbps

In the new update, USB4 is moving to support 80Gbps too. The USB 80Gbps support will kick-start with select devices reliant on the Intel Core 14th Gen HX-series mobile processors. Once the upgraded Thunderbolt/USB hardware is launched (predicted around mid-2024), Windows will already have the support ready for it.

Windows Share and Compression Techniques Get Additional Options

Microsoft’s sharing tool in Windows 11 Build 26040 now includes more choices, including WhatsApp, Twitter/X, Gmail, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The speed of sharing has also been substantially improved. Additionally, File Explorer has been updated with extensive support for more compression formats. Previous versions had only included support for 7ZIP and .TAR files. In the new update, Windows is introducing support for GZIP, BZIP2, and a variety of other options, comprising of different TAR formats with alternative types of compression.

Other Key Transformations

Apart from the above major changes, Windows 11 Build 26040 also includes other minor tweaks such as:

  • Copilot icon shift: Microsoft has decided to move the location of the Copilot icon to the right side of the system tray on the taskbar to make it more prominent and readily available.
  • Upgrade of Windows Setup Experience: This essentially allows the Windows 11 installation process to appear more in line with Windows 11’s style than Windows 8’s.
  • Narrator enhanced: Screen shifting between images and graphics is now easier, with Narrator using AI to describe images while connected. This can be activated using the Narrator key + CTRL + D key combination when an image is selected.
  • Inclusion of additional screen casting suggestions: For users who switch between windows regularly, Microsoft may offer advice about casting to another screen.
  • New support for Hebrew and Colemak keyboard layouts: With this update, Windows also extends its support for more keyboard layouts.

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