Social Network X Launches Developer API Top-Up Packs: Musk’s Strategy Evolves

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New Top-Up Packs for Social Network X’s Developer API Program

Our sources have confirmed that Social Network X, the platform previously known as Twitter, has introduced top-up packs designed for its developer API program. This exciting new update allows developers to purchase additional posts above their current tier limit.

Additional Posts and Flexible Rates

The top-up feature provides a much-awaited option for developers, offering around 10,000 posts for a rate of $100. Previously, developers faced firm restriction structures where they had no other option but to wait until the next month or upgrade to a higher-priced tier for additional access. It fills in the gap left by previous modes and also maintains a limit on the number of available top-ups per month.

Shift from Free to Paid Access

This new model is part of the innovative changes initiated by Elon Musk, transitioning from the former free access to a structured paid tier system. The new setup kicks off at $100 per month, with a Pro tier priced at an impressive $5,000 per month. This shift from free to a paid module has had a substantial impact on the third-party developer ecosystem.

How Have These Changes Affected Third-Party Developers?

Services such as Block Party, stewarded by Tracy Chou, have decided to redirect their focus away from the platform due to these changes. It’s worth noting that these modifications could potentially cause a serious shift in the platform’s third-party developer ecosystem, potentially causing services previously aligned with the platform to consider other avenues for their work.

Changes Impacting Researchers

As part of the ripple effect of these changes, the ability of researchers to study platform data has also been affected. On the brighter side, EU researchers have been granted access, a step taken in compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA).

In Conclusion

  • Top-up packs have now been introduced for the developer API program of Social Network X, offering an alternative to waiting for the next month or upgrading to a pricier tier.
  • The transition from free access to paid tiers, initiated by Elon Musk, has significantly affected how third-party developers interact with the platform.
  • EU researcher access to data has been opened, complying with the DSA.

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