Logitech’s Anand Lakshmanan Champions AI to Revolutionize Hybrid Work and Productivity

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Logitech Emphasizing AI to Improve Hybrid Work Experience

Our team recently had an in-depth conversation with Anand Lakshmanan, Logitech India’s Head of B2B, about the company’s commitment to using artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify technology and boost productivity, especially in the current era of hybrid work. This topic is of special relevance as the shift from traditional office work to remote and hybrid setups becomes more prevalent.

Demand for Effective Collaboration Tools Sees an Upsurge

Lakshmanan explained how the transition from office work to remote and hybrid models has triggered a higher demand for efficient collaboration tools. He further added that Logitech recognized this need and started expanding into the enterprise realm around 2018, focusing on AI-based solutions to cater to these needs.

Addressing User Concerns with AI Innovations

The company’s innovations, powered by AI, aim to solve common issues users face, such as higher bandwidth consumption, problems with the audio-visual quality, and camera shyness. By addressing these concerns, Logitech is ensuring meetings are more accessible and friendly to users.

Logitech Adapting to the Unique Indian Market

Lakshmanan hammered home the unique demands of the Indian market, where customers focus on cost-effective, high-quality products supported by reliable customer service. Feedback from these customers directly contributes to the development of Logitech’s products. This approach has allowed the company to maintain its competitive edge in the market while delivering what the customers really need.

Artificial Intelligence at the Heart of Logitech’s Goal

The usage of AI in Logitech’s systems reflects the company’s larger objective of simplifying the user’s interaction with technology. This helps in running more productive meetings and improving the overall user experience, which is consistent with the company’s mission.

Other Prominent News from Assam

In addition to the exclusive interaction with Logitech’s head, another significant development in Assam caught our attention. This was a political plea advocating for Congress to back the CPI(M) nominee in the Barpeta district to reinforce the anti-BJP cohorts. This revelation was unrelated to Logitech’s initiatives but was noteworthy enough to be highlighted.


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