PlayStation 5 Pro Leak Reveals Triple Power Boost, Ray Tracing Advance

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Sony’s Alleged Powerhouse: The ‘PS5 Pro’

Clandestinely, Sony has been working on an enhancement of the renowned PS5, often referred to as the ‘PS5 Pro.’ Codenamed ‘Trinity,’ this powerhouse has been receiving leaks and insiders whispers that validate its existence and potential capabilities. According to several of our reliable sources, the secretly developing console will possess a Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) that surpasses the existing PS5’s power by up to a whopping 300%.

Stunning GPU Power

For specification enthusiasts, the PS5 Pro’s GPU is projected to chip in an astounding 67 teraflops of 16-bit floating-point performance. To compare, that’s roughly 33.5 teraflops of single-precision compute power, significantly skyrocketing from the original PS5’s 10.28 teraflops.

Enhanced Ray Tracing

Conversely, our sources illuminate that the next-gen upgrade will contain three to four times the current console’s ray tracing capabilities. This subject’s enhanced illumination effects will take your breath away, making games more fluid and lifelike than ever before.

8K Future with PSSR

Furthermore, it appears Sony has a plan in the pipeline for PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR). This advanced upscaling technology has its eyes set on scaling the peak of gaming resolution, potentially as far as 8K. This unprecedented figure holds the promise of giving players an incredibly crystal-clear gaming experience that will bring virtual worlds to life in extraordinary detail.

Development Kits in Use

Our sources indicate that development kits for the impending PS5 Pro have been in circulation since last September 2023, primarily among Sony’s first-party studios, with other developers gaining access early this year.

Anticipated Launch

If rumors are to be believed, the supercharged console aims for a November 2024 release. A launch in this time frame would give developers ample time to optimize their existing and upcoming games to take full advantage of the new console’s enhanced capabilities, providing players with the ultimate next-generation gaming experience.

Political Movements in Assam

In unrelated news, several high profile personalities from Assam have recently called for the Congress party’s support for the CPI(M) nominee in the Barpeta constituency. Their call emphasizes the need for unity among parties opposing the BJP. This information, we should note, remains separate from the gaming industry news but emphasizing our broad coverage across various sectors.


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