Waukesha Assailant Requests Restricted Discharge from Psychiatric Facility

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Update on Jaw-dropping Waukesha Crime Case: The Assailant Seeks Release

One of the main instigators, Morgan Geyser, involved in the stupendous ‘Waukesha stabbing case’ is now pleading for a conditional reprieve from the state mental health oversight. This brutal event that continues to resonate nationally from 2014 involved Geyser and her accomplice Anissa Weier, who, as young 12-year-olds, plotted to kill their fellow student, Payton Leutner. Their intentions deeply rooted in their faith towards a fictional internet horror character, Slender Man.

A Crime for the Slender Man

Public wave of terror spread nationally as the horrifying details of this case came into the limelight. It became evident of the substantial influence the non-existent internet horror entity, Slender Man had on these two impressionable minors. They were under the strong belief that by assassinating their friend, the girls would become the servants of this fictional character. Leutner, despite suffering serious wounds from multiple stabbings, miraculously survived this inhuman assault.

Geyser’s Appeal: Doubt For Mental Illness

During the court proceedings, Geyser was found not guilty based on grounds of mental illness and hence in 2018, she was sentenced to a maximum period of 40 years under the supervision of state mental health authorities at Winnebago Mental Health Institute. Now at 21, Geyser is appealing for her provisional release, trying to convince the court that she no longer poises any threat to herself or others. A doctor’s assessment, playing a crucial role in this appeal, has been scheduled to ascertain her current mental stability.

Previous Trials and Potential Consequences

This is not Geyser’s first bid at freedom. A similar plea for release was tried in 2022, but was later retracted by her. Interestingly, Geyser’s accomplice Anissa Weier was given a conditional release from her assigned psychiatric facility in 2021. The entire nation keenly awaits the upcoming hearing, expected to be a virtual Zoom appearance by Geyser this Monday. We hope these events will incite valuable debates on how to appropriately handle and rehabilitate juvenile offenders who suffer from mental health problems.

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