Deaf Oklahoma School’s ASL Courses Gain Popularity on TikTok for Free

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Oklahoma School for the Deaf’s ASL Course Grabs Attention on Social Media

As the digital landscape continues to shape social interaction and the spread of information, one institution that has made a substantial impact is the Oklahoma School for the Deaf (OSD). A trending post by viral sensation, Jeremiah Kim ( on TikTok, showcased OSD’s initiative of providing free American Sign Language (ASL) courses. This 5-second video that has successfully amassed over 300,000 likes and sparked 2,300+ conversations, is a testament to the prevalent enthusiasm towards learning sign language.

Public’s Enthusiastic Reaction

Kim’s viral video received an overwhelming response, underlining the keen interest in learning ASL. The reactions ranged from words of admiration for Kim’s information dissemination to praises for the OSD’s initiative. The school, stationed in Sulphur, Oklahoma, has cleverly devised a digital mechanism to deliver ASL instruction accessible to all with internet connectivity. The online forum provides two levels of the ASL course – ASL I and ASL II.

Adaptable Learning Methodologies

These courses come in an 8-week, pre-recorded, and self-paced format, offering learners the luxury of managing their schedules and adjusting the pace according to their individual learning abilities. But it’s critical to remember that while these courses come without a fee, they are non-credit and can’t be counted towards professional development hours or continuing education units.

Fostering Deaf Education Support

In an effort to generate more resources, OSD has also encouraged those benefiting from their initiative to support the cause by contributing to the school’s foundation. The foundation’s webpage features a ‘Donate’ button for easy access. Prospective donors can also mail checks or money orders directly to OSD Foundation in Sulphur, OK. These valuable contributions work towards augmenting OSD’s objective to foster deaf and hard of hearing students for a future filled with infinite possibilities.

  • The Viral Phenomenon

  • An unexpected yet a significant turning point, this video posted by Jeremiah Kim on TikTok has furthered OSD’s mission in substantial ways. The OSD’s initiative offering free American Sign Language (ASL) courses struck a chord with the viral sensation, translating into public interest in ASL learning.

  • Embrace the Initiative

  • An overwhelming response to this initiative has revealed that people across digital platforms, like TikTok, were quick in expressing their appreciation and keenness to learn ASL. The OSD’s efforts in making ASL accessible on a digital platform have indeed opened avenues for many around the world.

  • Fostering a Digital Learning Environment

  • With a structured 8-week, pre-recorded, self-paced program, the course has catered to varied learning styles and timelines. Although the initiative does not accredit towards professional development hours or continuing education units, the program’s flexibility offers various learning possibilities.

  • Support Education for the Deaf

  • By urging individuals to support the cause via donations, the OSD has cleverly sought to generate additional resources to promote deaf and hard of hearing students’ education. Be it through a digitally enabled donation button or traditional checks and money orders, every contribution translates into a step towards preparing these students for a promising future.


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