Investigation Ongoing for Lost Adolescents in Akatarawa Woodland Reserve

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Police Launch Search for Teenagers Missing in Akatarawa Forest Park

In a disconcerting development, two boys aged 17 and 16, named Oscar and Cavell respectively, have reportedly vanished during a routine dog walk in the vast Akatarawa Forest Park, situated just north of Upper Hutt. The duo set out on their trek from the Karapoti carpark at around 5:30pm on Sunday evening, with plans to be back by 9pm the same day. However, when they did not return on time, their anxious families raised the alarm, contacting the police shortly after 2am.

Immediate Action

After receiving the unsettling report, the police wasted no time and initiated a search operation for the lost boys around 4:30am. The teenagers, Oscar and Cavell, are both of Caucasian descent, with Oscar described as having short dark hair and Cavell distinguishable by his long dark locks. As the search operation intensifies, the police have requested the public to avoid using the main Karapoti track on Monday in order to facilitate the ongoing exploration by dog squads, police and the Land Search and Rescue teams.

Appeal for Public Help

The cooperation of the public could be of paramount importance in this critical situation. People who happen to have been in or around the Karapoti track after 4pm on Sunday or those who might have any pertinent information regarding the teenagers are strongly urged to get in touch with the police. They should reference the event number P057672906 when making contact.

Optimism in Adversity

Despite the distressing uncertainty surrounding the situation, hope remains abundant. The collective effort of the authorities, general public and the power of community cohesion could yet swing the balance in favor of finding the lost teenagers. As the search operation presses on, everyone holds onto the hope that Oscar and Cavell will soon be back home, safe and sound, bringing an end to this nerve-racking ordeal.


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