Worldwide Academics Show Unity for Palestine Amid Increasing Anti-Jewishness

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Global Conversations: Academics Discuss Solidarity with Palestine and Rising Anti-Semitism

In an exclusive discussion obtained from our sources, four international academicians shared their interpretations and insights about maintaining solidarity with Palestine, while also acknowledging the pressing challenge of escalating anti-Semitism. The scholars conduct a profound analysis of their unique positions as representatives of the Global South during conflict times, emphasizing the vital necessity to voice their views on these urgent matters.

Reflecting on the Echoes from the Past

Renowned scholar, Thokozile Madonko, gave an important talk recently, following her visit to the ‘Past Disquiet’ exhibition housed at Zeitz Mocaa. This exhibit provides a poignant re-examination of the 1978 International Art Exhibition dedicated to Palestine. It serves as a stark reminder of the perpetual state of dispossession experienced by Palestinians— a situation which Thokozile finds echoes with her research on poverty, disparities, and social justice. Drawing similarities between the contemporary scenario in Palestine and the historical conquest of apartheid, in places like South Africa and Rhodesia, she highlights the importance of hope and proactive action amidst these persistent struggles.

Childhood and Conflict: An Intertwined Reality

Another distinguished scholar, Arabo Ewinyu, contrasts her peaceful childhood in Nairobi with the devastating effects of conflict on children. Given her research focus on familial structures, the ruin caused by the recent Israel-Gaza war on homes and families resonates deeply with her. Speaking on the collective responsibility of the Global South towards ensuring freedom and solidarity, she proposes the use of academic platforms for the enrichment of justice and shared humanity.

Exploring the Intricacies of Identity

Erin Hazan, a Ph.D. fellow, embarks on an introspection of her Jewish identity amidst the ongoing turbulence. She makes a compelling case for the urgent need to differentiate between identifying as Jewish and endorsing the actions of the Israeli government. She believes this distinction is imperative for a clear understanding of this complex issue, ensuring that the struggle against anti-Semitism does not eclipse the fight for Palestinian rights.

Advocacy for Solidarity and Anti-hate

To wrap up, these scholars jointly campaign for global unity and opposition to hate. They accentuate the significance of acknowledging and reflecting upon the inherent humanity in the individuals severely impacted by such conflicts. In doing so, they present a unique perspective in narrating these experiences, asserting that beyond the striking headlines and detached statistics, lie deeply personal stories that demand to be narrated and heard.


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