Dubai Main Lab Innovates Food Security with Advanced Pork Byproduct Identification

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Dubai Central Laboratory Unveils State-of-The-Art Detection System

In a significant leap forward, the Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL), under Dubai Municipality, has unveiled a technologically advanced examination and screening system. This new system, designed to detect pork byproducts in processed meat products, leverages high concentrations of DNA extraction to provide detection capability that is roughly 100-fold more potent than the traditional methods.

Efficient, Precise, and Swift

The prime feature of this newly-launched technology at DCL is its fully automated protocol. This predominant trait ensures comprehensive tracking of samples while offering quick and accurate results. The system is capable of carrying out approximately 100 tests per hour and provides results within the course of a day. This advancement is being hailed as a paradigmatic change in improving food safety and quality in Dubai’s market.

In Tune with Global Standards

This fresh initiative syncs well with DCL’s purpose of providing an optimal environment for carrying out laboratory tests, offering extensive services, and sticking to international standards. Eng. Hind Mahmoud Ahmed, the Acting Director of the Dubai Central Laboratory Department, revealed that this system was originally conceived in microbiological laboratories as part of their ongoing enhancements in objectives and operations. The laboratory’s focus remains on embracing globally acknowledged standards for tests and issuing calibration certificates.

Wide Array of Services

Insisting on going beyond the innovative step in detecting pork byproducts, DCL provides an expansive range of services via its microbiology analysis laboratory. This range includes analyzing the safety and quality of food products, nutritional supplements, food contact materials, and also assessing the expiry dates of food products. For ensuring the highest standards of safety, the laboratory conducts tests on environmental samples sourced from a variety of water bodies and materials to confirm they are devoid of disease-causing bacteria. This extensive testing and analysis approach significantly bolsters the sustainability of the food system, thereby cementing Dubai’s position as a global leader in food safety and quality.


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