VEON Launches Geolocation Gateway, Revolutionizes Digital Services in Uzbekistan

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VEON Introduces Geolocation Gateway

The Reader Wall’s news source recently revealed that VEON, a leading international digital operator, has launched the Geolocation Gateway. Developed through a joint effort with Nokia and Infobip, this technology aims to enhance an array of services by accurately determining the location of devices.

VEON’s Geolocation Gateway and GSMA Open Gateway Framework

A noteworthy feature of this ground-breaking innovation is its utilization of the GSMA Open Gateway framework. By availing open APIs to enterprise developers, the new technology paves the way for a wide range of applications. Its first implementation took place in Uzbekistan, indicating VEON’s commitment to technological growth.

Applications of the Geolocation Gateway

The Geolocation Gateway’s applications span across various sectors. For instance, it enables financial institutions to authenticate individual presence during transactions, aiding in the reduction of fraudulent activities. In addition, commercial organizations can employ precision marketing strategies, allowing them to communicate with clients based on their proximity to distinct locations.

  • Support for Proximity-Based Commercial Services: The technology facilitates close-proximity commercial services
  • Fraud Prevention in Financial Transactions: The Geolocation Gateway helps deter fraudulent financial transactions by verifying user’s presence.
  • Enhancement of Emergency Response Systems: Emergency response systems can also adopt this technology for location-sensitive alerts, thus increasing their efficiency.

Noteworthy Usage: Precision Marketing Partnership

An outstanding example of this technology deployment involves a national pizza chain in Uzbekistan. Collaboratively working with VEON’s subsidiaries—Beeline Uzbekistan and VEON Adtech—the pizza chain was able to upscale its business growth using geolocation-based precision marketing.

Privacy and Data Protection Standards

It is imperative to mention that VEON’s Geolocation Gateway strictly aligns with international privacy and data protection standards. To uphold user privacy, only anonymized data is shared with third-party service providers while all specific user data is retained by mobile operators.

Future Expansion and Licensing Opportunities

The Geolocation Gateway is all set for future growth within the VEON Group. In addition, VEON is also considering licensing opportunities to other mobile operators, thus institutions looking to employ this technology can look forward to utilizing its advantages.


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