US Troops Killed in Jordan from Unmanned Aircraft Attack

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Fatal Drone Strike on Jordan Military Post Leaves Three U.S. Troops Dead

In an event confirmed by U.S. Central Command based in Florida, a military outpost in northeastern Jordan on the Syrian border endured a devastating drone attack on January 28, 2024. Three U.S. service members tragically lost their lives while 25 more suffered injuries. As reported by our sources, the perpetrator used a one-way Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to execute the attack.

Deadliest Attack on U.S. Troops in the Middle East Since The Gaza Conflict

These unfortunate deaths mark the first U.S. troop fatalities in the Middle East since Israel initiated a war in Gaza on October 7 last year, according our exclusive information. Tower 22, the targeted base, was attacked in a period of intensifying tensions in the region. Reports suggests that these tensions can flare up into a broader confrontation. The perpetrators behind this attack are said to be extremist groups in Syria and Iraq that have backing from Iran.

President Biden Pledges Retaliation Against Perpetrators

President Joe Biden has unequivocally condemned the attack and assured the nation that he intends to bring the culprits to justice. According to him, ‘radical Iran-backed militant groups’ orchestrated the attack, and he has promised to respond appropriately. U.S. lawmakers have backed Biden’s stance, urging him to address Iran staunchly for supporting the militia behind the deadly assault.

Jordan Takes Stance Against Terrorism, Promises Enhanced Border Security

The Jordanian government, who hosted the outpost, has also denounced the terrorist act and expressed its willingness to collaborate with the U.S. to bolster its frontier security. This attack which took American lives is a first on the Jordanian soil amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. In the aftermath of the attack, Jordan reasserted its dedication to combating terrorism and safeguarding the security along its border with Syria.

As per the U.S. Department of Defense policy, the identities of the deceased service members will be kept confidential until 24 hours after the next of kin have been informed, as a mark of respect for the families. Our sources will provide further updates on the situation as they develop.

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