US State Park Yields 7.46-Carat Diamond to French Visitor

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Remarkable Diamond Discovery at Crater of Diamonds State Park

Julien Navas, a French visitor, made a significant discovery of a 7.46-carat diamond during a customary visit to an Arkansas state park during this month’s unforgettable road trip. Whilst on his discovery route in the 37.5-acre designated area of Crayon of Diamonds State Park, Mr. Navas found the remarkable gem.

An Exciting Sojourn in America

The main reason for Navas visiting the United States was to experience in-person a rocket launch in Florida and also to explore Bourbon Street in New Orleans with his friends. Subsequently, he became drawn to the globally renowned Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. This park sparked Navas’s interest owing to his previous experiences panning for gold and searching for ammonite fossils, as per our sources.

Diamond Hunting Adventure in the Park

Days leading up to his arrival at the park, the region was drenched with over an inch of rain, making the park conditions muddy. Navas purchased a ticket and rented a basic diamond hunting kit from park officials. Deeply invested in his search, he said, “I got to the park around nine o’clock and started to dig.”

As per Assistant Park Superintendent Mr. Cox’s explanation, rain falling on the diamond field washes away the dirt, revealing heavy rocks, minerals, and possibly diamonds near the surface. “Many of the park’s largest diamonds are discovered on the surface,” Cox added, further explaining that the park authority occasionally tills the 37.5-acre search area to loosen the soil and stimulate natural erosion.

The Moment of Discovery

After several hours of searching, Navas took his findings to the park’s Diamond Discovery Center. It was here he got the news that he had discovered a sizable brown diamond weighing 7.46 carats. Learning of his discovery, a stunned Navas stated, “I am so happy! All I can think about is telling my fiancée what I found.”

The discovered diamond possesses a deep chocolate brown colour and has a rounded shape much like a marble. The size of the diamond can be likened to that of a candy gumdrop. “It’s always exciting to observe first-time visitors uncover diamonds, especially larger ones like this!”, declared Park Interpreter Sarah Reap.

Regarding his visit to the Crater of Diamonds State Park, Navas commented that it was a magical place where a diamond hunting dream could suddenly become a reality. He intends to revisit the park with his daughter when she is older.

The Future of the Diamond

Navas has decided to christen his find after his fiancée, calling it the ‘Carine Diamond’. His hope is to have the stone skillfully divided into two diamonds. The symbol of this twin diamond will be a shared bond between his fiancée and his daughter.


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