Urja Sathi Raises Rs 35 Lakh in Seed Funding for Solar E-commerce Expansion

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Urja Sathi Secures Seed Funding to Enhance Clean Energy Solutions

Sustainable Energy Platform Urja Sathi Raises Rs 35 Lakh in Seed Funding

From our reliable sources, we recently learnt that Urja Sathi, a promising energy-tech startup focussed on sustainability, has raised Rs 35 lakh in an impressive seed funding round. Notably, this round of funding was co-led by Ankit Jain and Sharlee Jain, known for their pioneering work at Paper Arizona.

Urja Sathi: Innovation-Driven Growth in Clean Energy Sector

The company was established in 2023 by entrepreneurial duo, Anurag Srivastava and Gaurav Gupta, with a vision to bring innovation to the energy-tech sector. The founders have announced plans to utilise the acquired funds primarily for talent acquisition, boosting customer support and enhancing their brand visibility. They are aiming to tap into both B2B and B2C markets using these resources, to leave no stone unturned.

Urja Sathi: Delivering Comprehensive Sustainable Solutions

Urja Sathi has firmly positioned itself as a comprehensive solution provider for the solar and clean energy sector in India. As a unique e-commerce marketplace, it caters to a wide audience including the solar business community as well as end-users. Their range of services includes access to a wide range of energy-efficient products, extensive promotional initiatives, and above all, reliable online services for the clean energy industry.

An Integrated Platform Supporting Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Installation Services

  • The platform design particularly finds favour with manufacturers, suppliers, and installation services within the solar energy domain. It greatly facilitates their business growth, making Urja Sathi a one-stop solution for their needs.
  • Beyond this, it also empowers end-users with valuable knowledge that enables them to evaluate system components as well as their integrators. This thoroughly informs their decision-making process when selecting high-quality and reliable solar products that best suit their needs.

The enthusiastic response to Urja Sathi’s seed funding round signals a promising future for the clean energy sector in India, backed by innovative solutions and sustainable growth. The company’s drive to provide comprehensive clean energy solutions only strengthens this projection.

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