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Central Bank of Turkey’s President, Hafize Gaye Erkan Resigns

According to our reliable sources, Hafize Gaye Erkan, who held the office as President of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey since June 8, 2023, has tendered her resignation. Her decision was revealed via an X post, in which Erkan, who is known for her dedication to her country, stated, “With profound respect for the land that I was born, raised, and educated in – a land for which every inch is earned – I took on this sacred duty, disregarding personal conditions, and returned to serve my country.”

Despite juggling an intensive role and motherhood to a baby of less than a year old, Erkan conveyed her unwavering devotion to serving the state and the nation. She said, “Despite my personal circumstances, I have been dutifully serving our state and nation, working tirelessly day and night. At this point, our economic program is beginning to yield positive results. Evidence of this success can be seen in our increasing reserves, encouraging economic data, and the main trend of inflation indicators.”

Reported Image Assassination and Concerns for Family

Sadly, Erkan disclosed a systematic campaign targeted at tarnishing her reputation. She asserted, “Despite all the favourable developments, it has come to the public’s attention that there has been a considerable attempt at reputation assassination targeted at me.” She also shared worries for her young family, especially her young child. She added, “In a bid to shield my family and my innocent toddler, who isn’t yet one and a half years old, from the effects of this process, I have humbly requested our President to excuse me from my duties, which I have executed with deep respect since the beginning.”

As she stepped down, Erkan thanked her colleagues and the Minister of Treasury and Finance and recognized the significance of being the first female president of the Central Bank. She also expressed gratitude to the President, saying, “I want to show my deep gratitude to our President, who accorded me the chance to serve my country and my people. This is the greatest legacy I can leave to my children. The President’s unequivocal support throughout my term of office is something I deeply appreciate.”


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