Travelport and Qatar Airways Unveil NDC Integration, Revolutionizing Travel Bookings Globally

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Travelport and Qatar Airways Announce NDC Integration

Travelport, an international leader in technology solutions and Qatar Airways, a significant player in the global airline industry, have declared the integration of NDC offerings from Qatar Airways into the Travelport+ platform. This announcement originates from our trustworthy sources, rendering the most credible and valuable information for our readers.

Improvements for Travelport Users

The new partnership offers tremendous convenience to Travelport users as it allows them direct access and management of NDC fares from Qatar Airways on the Travelport+ platform. This includes making modifications and cancellations. The integration also serves up a broad spectrum of content from Qatar Airways, competitive pricing schemes and exclusive deals through the Content Curation Layer (CCL).

Artificial Intelligence Streamlines Booking

The CCL’s functionality is heavily based on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. These technologies are designed to simplify the booking process and make it more efficient. Apart from reducing the efforts required for manual intervention, they also enhance the precision of bookings, ensuring a highly personalised user experience.

Importance of Partnership and Future Plans

Matt Raos, the Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Qatar Airways, emphasised the significance of the NDC collaborative endeavour. He pointed out that it will substantially upgrade services for customers, thanks to Travelport’s extensive global reach. Simultaneously, Jason Clarke, the Chief Commercial Officer at Travel Partners of Travelport, stated that their innovative NDC solution aims to grant travel agents the capability to offer state-of-the-art retail experiences to travellers. The ultimate goal being an increase in upselling opportunities and enhancing client fidelity.

Initially, the NDC content and servicing solution for Qatar Airways will be available to the agency customers across multiple countries. Nevertheless, Travelport has made plans to make a global expansion in the forthcoming weeks.

Impact on the Travel Industry

  • The integration of Qatar Airways’ NDC offerings into the Travelport+ platform will streamline the booking process, making it more efficient and personalised for users.
  • Empowering travel agents to provide modern retailing experiences to travellers will likely increase upselling opportunities and customer loyalty.
  • The availability of the solution to agency customers in several countries, with a planned global expansion, will ultimately boost the competitiveness of the travel industry.
Elijah Muhammad