TRACE32® Tools Now Support Armv9-A Server CPUs: Enhancing Debugging and Tracing Capabilities

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Lauterbach’s TRACE32 Tools: Upgraded Support for Latest Armv9-A Server Processors

According to our exclusive reports, Lauterbach’s TRACE32 development tools now provide improved support for the most recent Armv9-A server processors. This boosted support enhances the debugging and tracing functionalities for development teams, focusing on processors that include Arm Neoverse V2, N2, and E2 CPUs.

What Does This Upgrade Mean?

This boosted support covers dual debugging of CPU cores as well as non-disruptive trace capture, promoting optimized debugging and facilitating more efficient test automation.

The increased functionality of Arm Neoverse V2 CPU seems to be perfectly suited to HPC, ML, and cloud computing, promising leading performance. Meanwhile, the Neoverse N2, positioned as the first-ever Armv9 infrastructure CPU, is said to provide a 40% IPC performance advance in comparison to its predecessor, the Neoverse N1, all the while successfully retaining performance-per-watt efficiency.

The Neoverse E2 CPU

Further observed is that the Neoverse E2 merges a high-efficiency Cortex-A510 CPU with CMN-700 mesh, aiming at seamless backplane compatibility.

TRACE32 Tools Components

Key components of the TRACE32 tools consist of a PowerView software and accelerator modules that are crucial for both tracing and debugging. These tools provide developers with key insights into CPU and SoC core functions, having a remarkable ability to do so without causing any impact on performance.

How Developers Can Benefit From This Upgrade

The comprehensive TRACE32 support for the Neoverse family now offers developers the ability to accelerate the application development process on Armv9 SoCs. This upgrade not only ensures improved functionality but also provides developers with a much-needed efficiency boost.

Simplifying Coding for Developers

The TRACE32 development tools have been designed to simplify the coding process for developers and boost the debugging and tracing capabilities, especially for those working with the latest Armv9-A server processors. The strengthened support allows better understanding and handling of CPU cores for maximum efficiency in application development.

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