Thinaer Launches Partner Program to Revolutionize Manufacturing with AI and IIoT Integration

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Thinaer Launches Partner Program to Enhance Digital Manufacturing

Our sources confirm that Thinaer, widely recognized as a key player in the digital transformation of manufacturing, has launched an innovative partner program. The main goal of this initiative is to deliver improved customer experiences by optimally leveraging technology investments.

A Solution to Manufacturing and Operational Challenges

The newly unveiled program was designed to tackle manufacturing and operational obstacles head on. It achieves this by offering comprehensive data sets that are vital for AI deployments and being mindful of regulatory compliance. Simultaneously, the scheme was crafted to establish a collaborative environment among service providers, system integrators, and manufacturers who work with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors and beacons. Thinaer’s vision through this ventures is to generate an extensive data set that can aid thoughtful production decisions.

Creation of an Agnostic Ecosystem

The initiative underscores the development of ecosystems independent of any specific device, infrastructure, or cloud, advocating smooth scalability and customization across a wide array of use cases. A notable aspect of Thinaer’s project is its partnerships with leading networking establishments and top-tier cloud providers. This includes Microsoft Azure’s Classified Government Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and AWS GovCloud.

Commitment to Eliminate Digital Blind Spots

These partnerships underline Thinaer’s dedication to eradicate digital blind spots in their quest to provide uninterrupted, insightful observations into operations. Their aim is to facilitate strategic decision making for businesses, backed by thorough data insights. By doing so, they cement their commitment towards contributing to the growth and development of the manufacturing sector.


In summary, Thinaer’s partner program launch signifies a new era in manufacturing digital transformation, promising to enhance customer experiences by maximizing the use of technology. By addressing manufacturing and operational concerns and developing a collaborative sphere with service providers and manufacturers, Thinaer focuses on the removal of digital blind spots and the facilitation of strategic decision-making through comprehensive datasets.

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