Sue Cleaver’s Health Battle: From Coronation Street to Critical Care

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Sue Cleaver Talks about her Tough Health Journey

As reported by our sources, famous actress Sue Cleaver, mainly recognized for playing Eileen in ‘Coronation Street,’ recently disclosed some personal details about her challenging health issues after undergoing a hysterectomy procedure last year. The actor, in a conversation with our team, discussed her struggle, which even involved an unexpected emergency room visit and an unavoidable stay in intensive care.

The Unexpected Health Challenges

Though Cleaver had a clear idea about the forthcoming challenges due to the surgical removal of her cervix and uterus, she ended up facing more trouble post-operation than expected. Due to varying health complications, the actor had to be rushed to the emergency room. She had to stay in intensive care for a significant period, where she had to confront the harsh reality and severity of her condition.

Break from the Starring Role

Unable to bear the overwhelming physical and mental stress due to her health crisis, Cleaver was forced to take a long break from her character on Coronation Street. Her character Eileen remained missing from the screen for six long months, leading to heightened curiosity and speculation amongst fans. But, she used this gap mainly to focus on getting better and regaining her health.

Walking Towards a Healthier Tomorrow

Cleaver is now on her way to recovery, according to our sources. She’s back on the set of ‘Coronation Street’ and gearing up to get into her character as Eileen. Along with her return to acting, she is actively focusing on improving her fitness levels. She revealed her upcoming plans to join the UK tour of Sister Act: The Musical, which will again have her taking time off from Coronation Street. Despite the past year’s tough times, Cleaver is staying tough and maintaining a positive outlook for her future.


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