Spouse Ignites Partner in Argument Over Liquor Usage

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Terrible Domestic Incident in Dwarka’s Dabri Area

In a disturbing event that came to light recently, a 32-year-old woman by the name of Binita found herself facing a dangerous ordeal at the hands of her husband, Narender. The point of contention between the spouses was Narender’s excessive drinking, a recurrent issue of disagreement. In a horrifying development on Thursday, Narender chose to address their disagreement violently by dousing Binita in kerosene and setting her ablaze.

Timely Intervention by Nearby Residents

Responding to Binita’s cries for help, neighbors were promptly on the scene. They extinguished the flames, saving her from mortality. Binita was rushed to Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital, having sustained burns on 20 percent of her body. She is currently stable, under continuous medical supervision.

A Quick Arrest and Past Instances of Domestic Aggression

In the aftermath of the incident, law enforcement officers acted swiftly, apprehending Narender and slapping him with charges of attempted murder. A deeper probe into the couple’s life revealed a pattern of recurring disputes due to Narender’s alcoholism, resulting in a strained household ambiance. Residents of the community attested to this, mentioning that the squabbles between the couple were not unusual and often escalated. However, the most recent flare-up was terrifyingly severe, Narender resorted to a drastic attempt on Binita’s life.

The Legal System in Motion

Narender is currently in police custody, with legal proceedings against him for the charges of attempt to murder in progress. The judgement in this case will serve as a potent deterrent against domestic violence, emphasizing on the necessity to address disagreements without resorting to violence of such extreme nature.


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