SK Telecom Forges Global AI Data Center Alliances with Supermicro, Lambda at MWC 2024

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SK Telecom Sought New Partnerships to Strengthen AI Data Centres

Our sources have confirmed that Korea’s premier mobile carrier, SK Telecom, is boosting its status in the AI data centre market. This they aim to achieve through some key partnerships with international entities, Lambda and Supermicro. The partnership’s announcement was made during the widely respected MWC tech exhibition in Barcelona.

Importance of AI Data Centers

AI data centers play a decisive role in AI learning and inference. The indispensability of this technology stems from the requirements for GPUs (graphic processing units) supported servers along with a constant power delivery and efficient cooling mechanisms. With its venture into partnerships with Supermicro and Lambda, SK Telecom is committing to securing a continuous GPU supply, primarily as Supermicro appears to be a considerable Nvidia partner, known for crafting energy-efficient, environmental-friendly servers and storage systems.

Investment and Partnership with Lambda

The telecom giant’s investment in Lambda on the 21st of February corroborates its ambitions by ensuring Nvidia’s latest GPUs’ availability for their cloud computing services. The company is also envisioning to broaden its AI cloud computing market footprint not only within Korea but beyond its borders through a looming strategic collaboration with Lambda.

The Role of Telecommunications Network Utilisation

At SK Telecom, amalgamating AI data centers with communication networks is considered essential in stimulating telecommunications network utilization. Further plans include the introduction of Sapeon’s neural processing unit(NPU) chips, which has its origin in SK’s chip design division, into Supermicro’s AI data center servers. They also intend to explore international market prospects through Supermicro’s distribution platforms.

The Ascent to a Global AI Company

The CEO of SK Telecom, Ryu Young-sang, has expressed optimism about these partnerships. He believes that these collaborative efforts will firmly position SK Telecom as a global AI company while expecting significant positive outcomes within the year.

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