SES Sparks Digital Transformation at MWC Barcelona: Partnerships and Satellite Innovations Unveiled

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SES Spreads Wide Net in Global Digital Inclusion and Enterprise Innovation

Our insider source reveals a recent interview conducted by Ariana Lynn with Nadine Allen, the Global Head of Enterprise & Cloud at SES. The communication giant stressed on significant industry topics including the role of their advanced satellite technology in global digital inclusion and enterprise digital transformation initiatives.

SES’s Dominating Presence at MWC Barcelona

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, SES took the stage to present its leading-edge satellite connectivity services. These services, offered via a combination of Global Operator, Earth Observation (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites, are central to the company’s mandate to support a globally inclusive digital society.

Strengthening Partnerships for Private 5G Service Development

SES has been instrumental in driving an inclusive digital transformation agenda by leveraging synergies from its strategic alliances. A noteworthy collaboration is with the Japanese telecommunications giant, NTT. Together, they are working on the development of a bespoke private 5G service – a major advancement in the business’s telecom offering.

New Strategic Collaborations and Project Rolled Out

Our source further reported the company’s announcement of a strategic alliance with CelcomDigi. Additionally, they have launched a project in collaboration with INRED to widen the availability of Wi-Fi services across Colombia. These initiatives underline the firm’s commitment to facilitating connectivity-led digital inclusion.

Future Focusing Areas in Telecom Industry

The future landscape of the telecom industry is expected to prioritize extending its global reach and improving connectivity infrastructure. This enhanced connectivity will pave the way for the implementation of advanced technologies, including Other Reality (5G), Internet of Things (IoT), and Digital Twins.

Improved Telecom Reach and Capacity

As the industry focuses on these areas, satellites are set to assume a pivotal role. Satellites offer a viable solution for improving telecom reach and capacity, fulfilling a critical requirement in the industry’s future. The emergence and proliferation of private 5G networks also point to a promising growth horizon in the sector.

In Conclusion

From SES’s strong focus on partnering for progress and commitment to digital inclusion initiatives, the telecom industry is heading towards powerful changes. With the increasing importance of satellites and the emergence of private 5G networks, it’s safe to say that the future is bright for this dynamic industry.