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Airport Coffee Shop Employee Clashes with Manager After Termination

An alarming incident unfolded at a coffee shop within Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in the US when a fired employee entered into a confrontation with the manager. This spectacle occurred at Harvest & Grounds coffee shop, situated in Concourse D, on a regular Saturday afternoon.

A Turn of Events Unfolds

Reliable information sourced from Reader Wall reports that the employee, named Shacoria Elly, was relieved of her position after engaging in a brawl with a co-worker about espresso shots. As she was dismissed, her dispute with her superiors intensified.

Escalation of Conflict

Video footage obtained from an account referred to as Clown World showcases two managers striving to deter Elly from accessing the rear section of the cafe while she insists on collecting her belongings. In the heat of the moment, Elly seizes a chair with the intention to hurl it, only for it to be wrenched from her grasp by one of the managers. Not backing down, she lashes out at the manager, who counters the blow by toppling her to the ground. The clip then focuses on her departure before she abruptly spins around and vaults over the coffee shop’s counter. As she attempts a swift exit with her coat and bag in tow, she stumbles and sprawls on the floor. The recording concludes with her walking off from the coffee shop.

Repercussions of the Incident

In response to the extraordinary episode, Atlanta Police were called on-site, but by their arrival, Elly had left the premises. The released report states that Elly got “terminated from her position” with her airport security badge being seized. The involved parties were assigned a case number and offered an allocated period to procure a copy of this report. The officials concluded, “nothing further to report at this time”.

No Charges Filed Yet

At this stage, no criminal charges have been laid against Elly for her actions.

Note: Since the footage was initially shared by Clown World, it can no longer be shown here in this report.

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