Rekom UK Struggles, Cameo Nightclub Persisting

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The Downfall of Rekom UK and the Survival of Cameo Nightclub

Recently, the biggest nightclub operator in the UK, Rekom UK, was brought to its knees due to rising bills and the continuing cost-of-living crisis. Reportedly, 17 clubs across the nation – including Atik, a favourite nightlife spot in Dartford – have been forced to close down. However, in a ray of hope, the Cameo nightclub in Ashford will remain operational, preserving 21 jobs.

Rekom UK’s Decline: A Shocking Turn of Events

Famed for its expansions and ambitious ventures, Rekom UK is now dealing with financial pressure resulting from rising bills and a persistent cost-of-living crisis. Unable to withstand the pressures, the company had no choice but to close down 17 of its nightclubs, a development that took many by surprise. Among the clubs that were forced to shut down is Atik, a favoured nightlife destination located in Dartford.

Survival of Cameo Nightclub: Hope Amid a Crisis

Even amidst the despairing news, there is hope. Cameo nightclub located in Ashford has managed to stay afloat. Instead of joining its fellow clubs by closing down, Cameo will continue to operate as usual. This move ensures that 21 jobs are saved and the town will continue to enjoy the visitations from Cameo’s regular patrons. This optimistic development is part of a restructured business strategy that Rekom UK has adopted; focussing on fostering expansion in key areas.

Atik in Dartford: The Closing of a Much-Loved Spot

The sudden closure of Atik in Dartford was heartbreaking news. Over its 40-year history, Atik had assumed various identities, each one adding to the richness of Dartford’s nightlife. Staff members were informed about the closure suddenly; they were left with no choice but to collect their belongings overnight. Disappointingly, the closure was a result of unsuccessful negotiations with the landlord. The closure has subsequently resulted in job losses and an undeniable void in the nightlife of Dartford.

What the Future Holds for Cameo and Rekom UK

In spite of the recent perturbations, Russell Quelch, who holds the managing director position in Rekom UK, remains hopeful about Cameo’s future. Last year, the nightclub was pulled back from bankruptcy due to Rekom’s rescue operation that involved a deal worth £10 million. Cameo, a grade-listed warehouse from the mid-19th century, was transformed into a nightclub in 1998. Since 2014, it has been operated as Cameo, following a refurbishment costing £1.25 million. As the UK’s nightlife sector continues to grapple with the ongoing challenges, Cameo’s survival offers a promising hint of resilience.


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