Popularity of Offpeak Travel Increases Amid Escalating Charges: A 2024 Perspective

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The Rising Popularity of Shoulder Season Travel

As of 2024, the expenses related to travel remain an obstacle for many people. This issue has spurred a growing interest in shoulder season travel. During these periods, which fall between peak and low travel seasons, the number of tourists decreases, the weather is often more agreeable, and the rates are significantly lower.

Shoulder Season Travel Emerges as a Cost-efficient Alternative

Based on our internal survey conducted in 2024, approximately 20% of Americans are planning to reduce their travel activities due to financial circumstances. Interestingly, however, 70% of the participants stated they will consider shoulder season travel as an option to slash their expenses. Notably, even some parents are deciding to interrupt their children’s school sessions to take advantage of these cost-efficient periods.

Imminent Disappearance of the Low Season in Certain Tourist Destinations

Travel industry experts have observed a decreasing low season trend in locations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, and Thailand. As a result, there is a gradual decrease in the price difference between high and shoulder seasons, which in turn challenges the traditional travel economy model. However, selective planning can still harvest significant savings, particularly in destinations like the Maldives before the rainy season and Italy during the late fall.

Financial Implications: Comparing Peak and Shoulder Season Travel

Some periods of the year are known for a steep increase in prices in almost all sectors. For instance, accommodation, tour guidance and transportation costs can soar in locations like Kyoto during the Sakura season or the Maldives during the dry monsoon. Yet, restaurant prices are more likely to remain consistent, offering some relief to budget-conscious travelers.


The appealing aspects of shoulder season travel – lowered rates combined with fewer crowds – continue to make it an attractive option as we move through 2024. However, taking full advantage of these perks requires early planning and smart decision-making on the part of travelers.

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