Police Inspector in Odisha Accused of Sexual Misconduct: NHRC Intervention

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Accusations of Sexual Assault Against Police Inspector in Odisha Leads to Investigation

Prompted by a directive from our local human rights watchdog, legal proceedings have begun regarding a case of alleged sexual harassment involving a police inspector in Odisha. This case has been dormant since 2019 when the incident allegedly took place.

Inaction Leads to Greater Authority Involvement

The victim, a female sub-inspector within the police department, initially reported the incident at her own police station. However, due to insufficient action on her complaint, she brought her case to the attention of our regional human rights organization, which in turn sparked an official investigation.

A pivotal point in the proceedings came when this organization issued a directive, initiating the formal registration of a case against the accused police inspector and extending the investigation to include both an internal police complaint committee as well as a human rights committee.

Thorough Investigation Ensues

Separate aspects of this case have been delegated to different officers for thorough investigation. A female Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) has been tasked with studying the charges of sexual harassment at length, while a team of other officers are focused on examining any additional allegations put forward by the victim.

Acting Police Chief Verifies Account

Arun Sarangi, the current Director General of Police in Odisha, has affirmed these occurrences, adding credence to the ongoing investigation. The initiation of formal legal procedures is being viewed as a substantial stride towards justice for the female sub-inspector, who faced numerous hurdles due to the initial lack of response to her complaint.

Implications and Broader Context

  • This case is a potent reminder of the prevalent issues of sexual harassment within professional settings, even within police departments which are meant to uphold law and order.
  • The response from the human rights organization highlights the important role such bodies play in seeking justice when internal authorities fail to take appropriate action.
  • The acknowledgement from the acting Director General of Police underlines the seriousness of the issue, reinforcing faith in the justice system.
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