Oasis Free Hospitals to Launch Fresh Building; Set to Aid More Uninsured Clients

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Oasis Free Clinics Augments its Offering with A Larger Facility

The esteemed Oasis Free Clinics intensifies its pledge towards delivering comprehensive healthcare access to uninsured individuals. With a resolute vision to elevate its service competence, the clinic has plans to augment its premises. Marking a pivotal moment in its history, the clinic has embarked on renovation works of a sprawling $1.1 million facility located at the heart of Maine Street. Prompted by an allocation of $833,000 in federal funding, this endeavor received unwavering support from U.S. Senators Susan Collins and Angus King.

Decades of Diligence

Oasis Free Clinics came into existence in a modest closet at the Tedford-Oasis Shelter, courtesy of Dr. Peter McGuire in 1992. The healthcare institution has constantly evolved since, now providing its assistance to approximately 500 uninsured patients each year. The services rendered by the clinic encompass dental care, mental health treatment, prescription aid, and mobile medical services. During the announcement of the clinic’s expansion, board president Seth Ramus and Executive Director Anita Ruff lauded the outfit’s unwavering dedication to public health and its robust legacy.

Rising To Meet the Demand

A noticeable spike in the demand for the clinic’s services has been the principal driver behind the decision to expand. This escalation is primarily attributed to the influx of migrants who might not qualify for state-owned healthcare facilities such as MaineCare. The new facility, significantly larger than the existing Baribeau Drive clinic, equips Oasis with the capability to attend to a larger patient-base. The federal funding of $833,000 is primed to significantly enhance the clinic’s dental and health care provisions. This financial influx enables the non- profit organization to reach out to more underserved communities in Maine.

Impact & Beyond

The reinvigoration of Oasis Free Clinics is a stepping stone towards creating a sound safety network for the needy. It stands as a testament to the clinic’s resolve in providing medical aid to the uninsured. As the new facility gears up for inauguration on July 1, it serves as a beacon for those grappling to avail essential healthcare facilities. The inauguration heralds a promising future of improved health and inclusivity for Maine’s underprivileged residents.

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