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Apprentice Walks an Unusual Path, Inspiring Changes in Childcare

Bangor-based, 22-year-old apprentice, Cian Owen, is on a mission to initiate perception shifts in the childcare industry. Instrumental in spearheading his apprenticeship via Urdd Gobaith Cymru, Owen stands as a testament to breaking stereotypes, inspiring others to acknowledge and assess careers aimed at shaping young lives. Apart from offering a fresh outlook to childcare, his journey has become the cornerstone of the ‘Genius Decision’ initiative conducted during Wales’ Apprenticeship Week.

An Unconventional Career Shift

Even though Owen’s professional past was deeply rooted in the hospitality sector, he found his true calling in interacting and framing the minds of young children. This urge led him towards an apprenticeship in the early years and childcare at Ffalabalam nursery, an opportunity that provided him a chance to learn and contribute simultaneously, witnessing first-hand the impact his efforts were imprinting on young minds.

Contribution in Upholding the Welsh Language

Owen’s role goes beyond childcare, earning him recognition for his efforts in safeguarding the Welsh language. As a native Welsh speaker, he introduces young kids to basic Welsh sentences and words. While witnessing their fast-paced language learning capabilities, he garners tremendous satisfaction from his contributions towards preserving and promoting the Welsh language in his local community.

Owen’s Vision Going Forward

While Owen derives immense satisfaction from his work with kids, he has no intentions of stopping there. He aspires for additional training to become a school teaching assistant, a career goal that he believes will help him continue his positive onslaught on young lives while strengthening efforts to safeguard and promote Welsh.

Owen stands out as the shining beacon of hope for childcare apprenticeships. He is an ambassador promoting the maintenance of the Welsh language and moulding young minds. His journey serves as an endorsement of the apprenticeship scheme’s capability in exploring novel career routes and influencing societal change.

Don’t Limit Your Challenges. Challenge Your Limits

  • Owen has redefined career paths, inspiring those looking for a challenging and rewarding career.
  • He has utilized his linguistic skills to promote and safeguard the culturally rich Welsh language amongst the youth.
  • His pursuit of a teaching career, with his background in apprenticeship-based childcare, provides a unique insight into alternative career progression paths.
  • With his ground-breaking career choices, Owen highlights the substantial societal and cultural contributions one individual can make.

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