Nitish Kumar Expected to Change Tomorrow as Bihar Prepares for Overhaul

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Nitish Kumar Set to Become Bihar’s Chief Minister for the Ninth Time

Information obtained through the pages of Reader Wall points to Nitish Kumar taking up the mantle once again as Bihar Chief Minister. This event marks the ninth time he will take the oath of office. His tenure will be backed by the political power of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), mirroring the prevailing themes of the 2020 elections. The possibility of a change of government has aroused much curiosity and resulted in widespread administrative transfers.

Behind-the-scenes Discussions among Party Members

The BJP has scheduled a session for its MPs and MLAs today, apparently to plan for the approaching Lok Sabha elections. Samrat Choudhary, head of the state unit, minimized speculations about a revived alliance with Nitish Kumar. However, BJP officials have indicated ambiguous discussions taking places behind closed doors. As per sources obtained from Reader Wall, Nitish Kumar has summoned a legislative party gathering tomorrow. Extensive re-distributions of district magistrates, suggestive of a likely governmental shift in Bihar, are currently in progress.

Suspicions of a Rift in the Ruling Coalition

Nitish Kumar’s solo presence at yesterday’s Republic Day get-together at Raj Bhavan, without his second-in-command Tejashwi Yadav by his side, hinted at simmering tensions between Janata Dal (United) and the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD).

Political Strategies amid the Upheaval

Amidst the ongoing political turbulence, Congress, a partner of Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United) in the opposition INDIA bloc, has prepared for a Purnea meeting. Still, they deny any linkage with the changing political atmosphere. The main agenda of the meeting will be to discuss the arrangements for Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’, scheduled to debut in Bihar on Monday, with planned public assemblies in Kishanganj, Purnea, and Katihar.

Realignment of Bihar’s Political Landscape

While the immediate objective appears to be centred on the Lok Sabha elections, confidential sources suggest that dissolution of the Bihar Assembly is not on the horizon. Both the BJP and JD(U) are working closely with their respective MPs and MLAs in an effort to solidify their political strategies, prompting a comprehensive reorganization of Bihar’s political sphere.

The intricacies involving Nitish Kumar’s return to the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) however are not straightforward. Inner-circle sources suggest a detailed plan featuring the nomination of an Assembly Speaker and an upcoming cabinet reshuffle.

Political Intrigue and Potential Realignment

A cryptic statement from Nitish Kumar’s previous Deputy Chief Minister and BJP member Sushil Kumar Modi, “No door is closed in politics. The door can be opened if needed,” has added another twist to the ongoing political narrative.

Former Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi and his Hindustan Awam Morcha party are also navigating their position on this political chessboard, being wooed by the BJP to solidify a crucial alliance.

Landscape of Bihar’s Politics

Once hailed for his uncompromising stance on stability and development, Nitish Kumar’s political journey has taken a turn for the unpredictable. From being celebrated as ‘Sushashan Babu’ to being enigmatically referred to as “Paltu Kumar,” his path reflects the changing face of politics in Bihar.

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