National Search for Afghan Immigrant in Acid Assault on London Residents

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The Nationwide Manhunt for an Afghan Migrant Offender

Among our sourced reports is the distressing news about a criminal act perpetrated by Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, a 35-year-old Afghan migrant. As a prior convict for sexual crimes, Ezedi has yet again sparked disaster following a lethal attack employing corrosive substances. This atrocious event unfolded on an uneventful Wednesday in Lessar Avenue, located in the southern part of London, unsettling the peace of the city’s nightfall and casting alarming doubts on public safety.

The Assault: A Traumatizing Episode for a Family

The victims comprised a mother and her two daughters, just 3 and 8 years old, who were left entangled in the chaotic incident. The arrest-evading assailant, Ezedi, made a hasty exit post-attack, which ended up in a car crash. Despite this, he managed to escape on foot. The mother and younger daughter suffered grave injuries that could result in life-altering repercussions. The 8-year-old daughter, while having suffered injuries, is not in a life-threatening condition, as per doctors’ reports.

Ezedi: Deep Scars from a History of Disturbance

Ezedi had prior convictions for sexual offenses in 2018 but was awarded asylum in 2020 in the U.K. upon his third attempt. A significant part of his successful asylum plea was his conversion to Christianity from Islam, with a local priest coming forward to vouch for him. Information from the Metropolitan Police reveals that the female victim and Ezedi were acquainted, hinting at a possible motive for the horrifying attack.

The Shockwave that Follows, and the Search that Intensifies

This brutal attack has not just affected the direct victims. As reported from our sources, several bystanders and five police officers were injured during the incident. Thankfully, all of them have since been released from the hospital. The fear and shock triggered by this event have resonated not only within the local community, but also across the nation. Superintendent Gabriel Cameron has publicly praised the courage shown by the public and the officers in providing assistance to the victims. Police forces are now actively pursuing Ezedi, who is viewed as a great threat and understood to have traveled from Newcastle on the day of the attack.


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