Monarch Opens Maggie’s Royal Free, New London Cancer Assistance Facility

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A New Dawn in Cancer Support

The realm of cancer support gained a beacon of hope on January 31, 2024, when Her Majesty The Queen officially opened Maggie’s Royal Free. Located within the premises of London’s Royal Free Hospital, this state-of-the-art center joins the wide chain of support establishments set up by Maggie’s—a respected organization with an impressive history extending over 28 years of providing holistic aid to individuals affected by cancer, their associates and their relatives.

Spotlight on the Milestone Initiative

Maggie’s Royal Free, the 24th such initiative in the United Kingdom, is a sanctuary exclusively for cancer patients who can benefit from a wealth of resources to offset the adversities linked to their condition. This includes coping with the intense side-effects of treatments and managing the staggering costs associated with the disease.

The Solitude Amidst the Hustle

Acclaimed architect Daniel Libeskind conceived Maggie’s Royal Free center as a peaceful oasis set amidst the busy surroundings of the Royal Free Hospital, an integral part of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. Every year, the hospital accepts nearly 50,000 cancer referrals, hence the center’s strategic location ensures easy access for an array of individuals seeking immediate support.

Face-to-Face with the Masterminds

As part of the inauguration ceremony, The Queen encountered several critical personnel from Maggie’s, including Dame Laura Lee, the organization’s Chief Executive, Stuart Gulliver, its Chairman, and the architect Daniel Libeskind. Her Majesty also interacted with the team of experts responsible for crafting this unique space—a sanctuary dedicated to providing solace and comfort, contrasting with the typical clinical environment you’d expect at a hospital.

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